2.4 Blog Universe

Bj°rn Asger L°vefod,
FrÝ­i Arge Jacobsen,
Ismail Imanov,
Mikkel Zibrandtsen
& Mikkel Julian Petersen.

Time period:
Apr. 17th - May. 1st 2017

Software used:


This assignment was about developing a blog of no particular topic, that needed a means of becoming monetised. We were tasked with approaching the assignment using design thinking, specifically mixtape. What we developed was a tech blog with focus on samsung smart devices, that was monetised using refernces.

Material given:

In order to make sure that we didn't let our own political afflictions affect the outcome of our project, we decided to pick candidate through simple coin toss. We went with Hillary Clinton from there and immediatly started our planning phase, after a brief research period of a few days, we decided on certain areas of interest for campaign, this included: Womens issues, a fair tax system and better health care. This lead to a longer research period where we split up into seperate sub groups in which we each had a topic to look in to. As soon as we had our overarching facts down, half of the group started work on creating the report and fleshing out the communication model, the other half started working on the visuals, herein: moodboards, wireframes and mock-ups. I personally was responsible for the creation of the ad-banner, meaning I had to get acquainted with Edge Animate, which was the designated software for solving this task.


For the project we were given the software Adobe XD which is a piece of software used for quickly developing working prototypes. While I had some prior experience with this software I feel that I managed to acquire additional knowledge. Material delivered: