1.4 Intercultural Website

Amalie Schi√łtt Weber, Katja Haastrup, Marc Liljeqvist, Marie Egeberg and Mikkel Julian Petersen.

Time period:
Nov. 6th - Nov. 23rd 2016

Software used:


For this assignment, we had the attempt building a website for a real client. The client was named "Jane Doe", who wanted to get a promotional platform for herself, where she could promote her talks, as well as her upcoming book about the tensions in the middle east, specifically between Iran and Palestinia. We were tasked with figuring out exactly what "Jane Doe" wanted for her website and then make it. In addition to creating a website, we were also tasked with generating an expert review and a gangster test. Later in the project, mobile support was added to the list of requirements.

Material given:

Our group came up with a solution a bit similiar to what she already had. We changed the over all tone of the page by switching color theme, to something brighter and more inviting. Additional things were added to our page as well, one of them a page for her book where people could get to read the first couple chapters through a pdf reader, added to the page through a script. I addition we also added a gallery with her pictures from her trips to the areas, so that people could get an idea of what was going on there. A blog was also introduced so visistors had means of keeping an eye out for the upcoming book along with intersting talk and other things going on in "Jane Doe's" life.


This project was very interesting due the fact that we had a real person we had to satisfy at the end of the project. We had some issues with communication in our group which added a bit to the challenge, what this taught was to talk better care when planing so as to avoid misunderstandings throughout the project. This project also helped me improve my coding skills by quite a bit as there was a lot of different pages and challenges.

Material delivered:


The intercultural website had the issue that it wasn't very well optimised for mobile platforms, meaning that it didn't scale well. This has been fixed in the new build and you can now use almost every function as intended on phone and on desktop.