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My name is Pernille Bernitt Sommers,

and i’m just about to finish my novel in which the Israeli/Pelestinian conflict is pivotal seen with ordinary citizen-eyes. The lecture, which in that connection I offer are therefore based on a personal meeting with one of the world's hotspots and at the same time, it highlights some of the conflict's core issues.

Besides lecturing and finalizing my novel I work as a mentor for college students who need help with planning and structuring of study progress and assignments. Also I am and advisor for upcoming artist in relation to convey moods and observations. This cooperation is my focus on the narrative desired told.

As a violinist i have communicated from the stage, as a graphic designer through words, pictures and cultural attaché i have mediatet contact across boders between artists. As a teacher, I have taught in elementary school, private institution aswell as the music-and culture school, and lectured during travel. Next to my trips to Israel / Palestine is the favorite destination New York City, where human diversity is rich and thereby stimulating, challenging and above all inspiring.

Besides the direct work with communication has the human complexity always interested me, why i in several yaers has been a mentor and tutor for physically and mentally challenged young peopel whose learning haas been to find their feet in their own live. To notice and deal with the history we are in the middle of, can be overwhelming and challenging, but can also be stimulating and satisfying. Despite the stories diversity we have as human beings in common to find ourselves in them, and not least in common that should deal with their presence.

I am interested in these stories, and have therefore chosen to collect those ones I think are relevant not only for myself but also for others. Put another way, is all my world to observe and act, which is also the faundation for my lectures.

[This is a student project]