1.2 International Collaboration

& Mikkel Julian Petersen.

Time period:
Sep. 19th - Oct. 5th 2016

Software used:


The assignment for this project was to create a website promoting a desitination based on where our international group-member was from. This project was a collaboration between the classes and as such we got to work with the international as well, which the assignment was centered around. With the help of our international group-member were to find interesting points-of-interest in there area from which the members was from and formulate a potential travel plan along with promotional material in the shape of a Wordpress page.

Material given:

The solution we came up with for this project was very different from our fellow students. For this project we as a group decided to bring the travelers all over France, by introducing them to the many wineyards. To do this, we decided to take contact to the owners a service called Vivino, which is an app that lets its users rate and track brands of wine. With the information we gathered we then set out to develop a concept for a sister app to said service that would let you plan out your own trip throughout the country.


While the task we had taken upon our shoulders was larger and more complex than what was originally intended, we managed to come through it with effective use of planing and communication tools. We for example also decided to get familiar with Slack a team-communication tool used in professional environments. While I didn't learn much about coding, this project let me learn a lot more about the use of Photoshop, as I was tasked with creating mock-ups for the app.

Material delivered:
While the website hosting the page has been closed by now due to the nature of hosting Wordpress on ones own domain, the images used for it can be found below.


With this project we really wanted to make the page a bit more dynamic than we were able to, so we would be able to a have the images of the phones of the page without contorting them to fit each visitors monitor. Sadly, Wordpress wasn't able to help us do that with the tools we were given. What I've decided to do is build a partial fundament for the page we were looking to make. I have isolated everything from the background and made them into objects on the page that change shape depending on the individual visitors monitor. This page is though not optimised for mobile use, which could be implemented at a later point.