1.1 Portfolio Project

Mikkel Julian Petersen

Time period:
Aug. 29th - Sep. 15th 2016

Software used:


The assignment for this project was to create a website that would function as a portfolio to be used for the rest of the duration of the education. The purpose of the portfolio was to clearly illustrate how I had developed as a Multimedia Designer during the Multimedia Design & Communication program. Said site was to be created in with Wordpress
In addition to that, the assignment also required that I illustrated my competencies within HTML and CSS, in the shape of an individually constructed subsite, that would include hand edited images taken within the first weeks of the program, as to also illustrate my competencies within Adobe Photoshop CC.

Material given:


As this was the first project we had during the program, there was clearly limits as to how complex a solution I could come up with. The limitations of Wordpress was both a curse and a blessing, as it made certain design choices but also compliment my lack of knowledge of the areas at the time of its development. As this project also was supposed to serve as a means of getting our feet wet, I decided to play it safe and go with simple implementations, with the only exception of my attempt at bringing flexbox into it, at such an early stage of the program.

Material delivered:


I later went back and reiterated a bit on the HTML page I was suppose to develop for this project, While minors tweak from the original I believe that it makes some changes to the perception the reader will get of my first weeks at CphBusiness to something more positive. The colors have been changed from dark and purple to light and blue, the text as been made larger to accomodate people who may have issues reaading and strokes have been added under each major header to emphasize them more.
In addition, a complete rework of the portfolio page can be found on project 1.5 Portfolio, Final Project.